Aerodynamics for Engineering Students(pdf free download)

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Aerodynamics for Engineering Students, Seventh Edition, is one of the world’s leading course texts on aerodynamics. It provides concise explanations of basic concepts, combined with an excellent introduction to aerodynamic theory. This updated edition has been revised with improved pedagogy and reorganized content to facilitate student learning, and includes new or expanded coverage in several important areas, such as hypersonic flow, UAV’s, and computational fluid dynamics.

Provides contemporary applications and examples that help students see the link between everyday physical examples of aerodynamics and the application of aerodynamic principles to aerodynamic design
Contains MATLAB-based computational exercises throughout, giving students practice in using industry-standard computational tools
Includes examples in SI and Imperial units, reflecting the fact that the aerospace industry uses both systems of units
Improved pedagogy, including more examples and end-of-chapter problems, and additional and updated MATLAB codes