The Mathematics of Money(pdf free download)

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ABOUT THIS BOOK: The Mathematics of Money (3rd edition) covers general financial principles and the mathematical tools needed to understand and make use of those principles. The Mathematics of Money is intended for use in college-level business and financial mathematics courses, and it does not assume that students have any particular level of math experience other than the ability to do basic arithmetic calculations with the aid of a calculator.


  • Chapter 1: Simple Interest
  • Chapter 2: Simple Discount
    -Chapter 3: Compound Interest
  • Chapter 4: Annuities
  • Chapter 5: Spreadsheets
  • Chapter 6: Business Investment
  • Chapter 7: Investments in Securities
  • Chapter 8: Retirement Plans
  • Chapter 9: Mathematics of Prices
  • Chapter 10: Taxes
  • Chapter 11: Personal Finance Topics
  • Chapter 12: International Business