Market Smart:How to gain customers and increase profits with B2B marketing(pdf free download)

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B2B companies arent often natural-born marketers. Marketing isnt a core competence or even a comfort zone for many of them. But with more global competition and new ways of doing business, B2B companies now have the opportunity and the necessity to get smart about marketing. They have the opportunity to capitalize on marketing to enhance awareness of their products and services, gain new customers and increase their profits.
This book is a practical, one-stop resource for achieving B2B marketing success. It is heavy on pragmatism and light on theory. It equips you with the fundamentals of marketing and the tactics that will help you achieve powerful results.
The book is written for all the B2B companies who dont have multi-million dollar marketing budgets, and might never have had a marketing plan or a dedicated marketer. Its for leaders of B2B companies who (whether they want to or not) wear the marketing hat for their business. Its also for all the B2B company administrators and coordinators who arent marketers by training but become marketers by delegation.
The book is a comprehensive guide that covers the critical elements of successful B2B marketing in a single source. Youll learn how to:
Develop a B2B marketing strategy with a practical 3-step process
Identify what B2B customers really want and what will make your company stand out
Choose the right B2B marketing tactics for your organization
Create a realistic action plan
Set goals
Budget and manage B2B marketing activities
Implement effectively
If you work in a B2B company and want to put marketing to work and gain customers and increase your profits, this book is for you.