introduction to economics and finance(pdf free download)

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Introduction to International Economics, 3rd edition has been revised and updated to deliver the most current information on today’s global economy for a one-semester course. Renowned educator and author, Dominick Salvatore provides a clear presentation making difficult economic principles easy to understand, in a global context.

The text presents students with an introduction to the field of international economics using real-world case studies while pointing out to the student the relevance and importance of studying international economics. The text seeks to explain how the world economy works, the major benefits that it provides to people and nations, and the most serious problems that it faces, all in a clear and realistic way that students with a limited background in economics can understand.

By covering the topics essential to an understanding of the global economy, this text is easily accessible for economics, business, and political science majors, alike. For any international economics course, Salvatore’s 3rd edition takes the students’ understanding of economics well beyond the classroom and across the globe.