Fearless Interviewing: How to Win the Job by Communicating with Confidence(pdf free download)

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A proactive new strategy for removing anxiety, and regaining control, throughout the job interview process

“Marky Stein’s book is wonderful. She gives us a thorough analysis of the whole interviewing process. Fearless Interviewing is clear, kind, and full of good advice…. Highly recommended.”­­Barbara Sher, author of Live the Life That You Love

A job interview is one of life’s most stressful and challenging experiences. Fearless Interviewing presents a strategic approach to interviewing, one that tips the scales back in favor of the job applicant. It provides useful advice on all aspects of the interviewing process, including how to:

• Dazzle interviewers in the first 20 seconds

• Handle tough interview questions with ease

• Command a salary up to 20 percent higher