Elements Of Poker by Tommy Angelo(Poker Books PDF free download)

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41jBT33rw0L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgBeyond statistics, beyond whether to raise, call, or fold, Elements of Poker reveals a new world of profitability for your bankroll and your life. You know tilt costs you money, but do you know how to make it go away? You know position is important, but do you really know how to profit from that knowledge? Elements of Poker is the distilled wisdom of a master. Published in 2007, this book is praised by poker pros worldwide as a timeless classic.

From the Back Cover

All of my good streaks and all of my bad streaks of every length and depth have had one thing in common. They did not exist in your mind. They only existed in my mind.  And this is true for everyone’s winning and losing streaks.  None of them actually exist.  They are all mental fabrication, like past and future.  Everything that ever happens happens in the present tense.  But how can you have a “streak” in the present tense? You can’t.  And therefore, if you are in the present tense, which, in fact, at this time, you are, then at this moment there is no streak in your life. There is no inherent existence to streaks. The streak is there when you think about it, and when you stop thinking about it, it goes away.  It blossoms and withers, all in your mind.  And when your mind invents a streak, you believe it exists, because you believe what your mind tells you.  But the truth is there is only the hand you are playing.

About the Author

Poker chose me to be her slave when I was but a boy. For the first 15 years or so of servitude, I complained bitterly about the pain and injustice of it all. Then I became a professional poker player and over the next 15 years, gradually I started to see that everything is always fair. And now I thank poker, my tormentor, for this and hundreds more life lessons.