Analytical No-Limit Holdem(Poker Books PDF free download)

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510KYyxwkKL.jpgPoker has changed immensely in the last few years. While once played only in casinos and home-games, it s now immensely popular on the Internet and has taken on a completely different aspect in terms of winning strategy.

Not too many years ago, the best players still played somewhat intuitively and used strategies which were effective in tricking some of their poor playing opponents into making mistakes. But today it s different. Poker, especially on the Internet, is now dominated by players who have spent a lot of time studying the details of the game, and to make money in today s modern poker climate, it will be necessary for you to do the same.

Analytical No Limit Hold em provides the tools and theory needed for tough mid-stakes short-handed games, specifically those played online. It examines the latest techniques and strategies used by many of today s top players, and explains what strategic approaches are needed to be successful.

Some of the topics covered include three-betting, exploiting weak players, beating short-stackers, board texture, optimal bluffing frequencies, and an in-depth review of ranges including range structure, polarized ranges, and range balance. In addition, the text examines hand-reading (by assigning players perceived ranges) and shows ways to manipulate your image to influence your opponents strategy, and since there is much focus on online games, Analytical No-Limit Hold em also looks at tracking programs and heads-up displays, and includes a chapter on computer security.