Playing The Player: Moving Beyond ABC Poker To Dominate Your Opponents(Poker Books PDF free download)

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微信截图_20180831154112.jpgAsk any poker player with a little bit of experience, and they’ll tell you poker is a game of people, not of cards.

They’re absolutely right.

But nine times out of ten, these same players get the people part all wrong. They look for the wrong things. They make the wrong adjustments. And they end up paying for it.

In Playing the Player, best-selling author Ed Miller shows you how to make the right reads and the devastating adjustments that top pros use to crush their opponents, including:

  • How to get the nits and rocks to let you win pot after pot after pot
  • How to gain the upper hand against tight-aggressive regulars
  • How to use loose players’ aggression against them
  • How to systematically profile opponents, spot their weaknesses, and attack

Playing The Player will have you thinking about and playing poker in a whole new way.

You always knew poker was a people game. Now learn exactly how to play it.